Essential Kitchen List

Essential Kitchen List

A kitchen is known as the heart of every home. So, it is usually high up on a priority list when any home renovations are being undertaken. Whether you are looking for a new modern state of the art kitchen, or a more understated country cottage style, here is our take on the top 5 essentials needed for every kitchen.

Kitchen Storage

There can never be enough storage in a kitchen. If you are building a bespoke kitchen your designer will go through how to get the most storage with the space that you have available. It is worth getting creative and finding ways of incorporating extra storage into your kitchen.

A great way to gain extra space is by creating extra shelfing on the end units, inserting draw dividers, or adding rails into the cupboards to hang utensils. This then enables you to free up the all-important worktop space.

Even if you haven’t opted for a bespoke kitchen and have ordered a premade kitchen, you can still find ways of increasing the amount of storage and getting creative with your units. Try purchasing space saving gadgets from your local DIY store.

Kitchen Diner

As mentioned, a kitchen is the heart of every home so it seems logical that you would want to incorporate a place for you and your family to sit down and enjoy your home cooked meals.

This could be a dining table, a multifunctional island or even a breakfast bar.

Smart Appliances

Kitchens have come a long way over the years. There is now a gadget for almost everything practical in the kitchen from boiling water taps, fridges which connect to your smartphone and update your shopping list, all the way down to your trust worth coffee machines.

They may sound too technical for some but doing some research and finding out what appliances are available could save you lots of extra time in the long run. I mean, who wouldn’t like to do a load of washing while sat on the sofa?

Multi-Functional Island

Even some of the smallest kitchens can consider including a island. You can scale them down the size needed.

Islands are a great way to be able to make the most of the space you have available. You can design them in a way which can incorporate appliances, storage units, draws and a convenient dining area all in one.

You want to keep in mind the space needed around the outside for functionality such as oven doors, opening dishwashers etc.


Kitchens can be one of the most beautiful rooms in any home, so it makes sense that your kitchen should have a focal point. It may be your choice of flooring, maybe a showstopper chandelier or a bespoke splash back for the range cooker. Whatever you decide to focus on be sure to compliment the area with a few eye-catching details.

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